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To us, each product represents the search for natural genuineness. The quality of the raw materials is ensured not only by a careful choice of varieties and the best areas for cultivation, but also by the farming techniques and the right harvesting times, which respect the natural cycle of the land and guarantee the longest possible availability. Our strength is the cooperation of our team training our business partners and making them aware of the respect for nature. We have been selecting “reliable suppliers” over the years, Global Gap certified, ensuring top quality products, in order to offer the final consumer a wide range of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Tesco Nature’s Choice is a standard, which all of our fresh produce growers around the world must achieve in order to supply us with fresh fruit, vegetables or salads. The standard was developed to ensure that our top quality fresh produce comes from growers who use good agricultural practices, operate in an environmentally responsible way and with proper regard for the health and well being of their staff. Growers have to demonstrate that they operate in the manner which meets these requirements, laid down by Tesco in the Nature’s Choice Code of Practice.

GLOBALG.A.P. is a business-to-business standard for safe and sustainable food production. Consumer demands are what drive our improvement and development efforts. And we want you to know that. So together with our members, we have initiated a consumer awareness campaign to inform you about our work and how important it is for sustainable agriculture, workers’ welfare and safety, animal welfare and the environment.

Our first campaign project is a website that provides information about aquaculture. shows the positive impact Good Aquacultural Practice and the GLOBALG.A.P. Standard has had on the fish farming industry and the quality of products it produces. The site also showcases some aquaculture producers and how they have benefited  from complying with the rules set out in the GLOBALG.A.P. Standard.

The BRC Food Safety Standard is a leading global brand recognised by thousands of customers worldwide, and has certificated over 15,000 suppliers in over 100 countries around the globe. It was also the first Food Safety Standard to be benchmarked by the GFSI.

Customer confidence
Whether you’re an established global supplier or based in an emerging market, the Standard will ensure your customers have confidence in your food safety program and supply chain management. What’s more, by improving food safety, the Standard will also help you reduce waste, complaints, recalls and rejected products. You can also use your certification as a marketing tool by displaying the BRC Standard logo on your publicity materials, stationery and website. And your business will appear on the BRC Directory too, giving you further recognition.

Achievable and cost effective
Developed by food industry experts, the Standard is rigorous and detailed yet easy to understand. It takes a common sense, risk-based approach, and provides you with a clear step-by-step path towards certification. There’s also a comprehensive support package to get you started. And because there’s a straightforward certification process it means there are no hidden costs. If your business is prepared and is confident about food safety, the only cost will be that of the audit. And you’ll be charged at the local rate too. The BRC Food Safety Standard is currently available in ten languages with additional translations being developed to further improve understanding and consistency. Global recognition of the Standard by customer also reduces the need for expensive duplicate audits.

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    Valledoro is always interested in any opportunity for growth. Contact us, we will promptly reply to any national or international customer’s enquiry.

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